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Created on 2009-05-01 13:12:17 (#166322), last updated 2009-05-01 (520 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 17
Location:Texas, United States of America
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Interests (128):

23, 5, army of darkness, asenath waite, asia carrera, azathoth, b-movies, bad horror movies, bad movies, blind guardian, blue oyster cult, bran mak morn, brian lumley, bruce campbell, brunettes, cabal 23, callahans, cassilda, catma, cats, celtic music, chaos, clark ashton smith, computer, conan, conspiracy theories, cthookies, cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, cyberpunk, david weber, debbie rochon, dfwufies, discordia, discordianism, discordians, discordigeek, dream theater, eliza dushku, emperor norton, eris, esoteric order of dagon, evil dead, fedora, fencing, ferrets, filk, flintlocks, fnord, foxes, futurama, geek, hammerfall, hentai, history, honor harrington, horror, horror movies, hp lovecraft, hyboria, hyperborea, iced earth, illuminati, insomnia, iron maiden, jack aubrey, jackie chan, jet li, law of fives, lin carter, linux, lovecraft, malaclypse the elder, malaclypse the younger, martial arts, mst3k, multiple monitors, mythbusters, neil gaiman, neo-anarchism, nightwish, nyarlathotep, parody, philip k dick, plush cthulhu, principia discordia, puns, ramsey campbell, reading, redheads, richard tierney, robert anton wilson, robert e howard, robert heinlein, robert howard, robert m price, role playing games, rose mcgowan, rpg, s.m. stirling, sacred chao, schrodinger's cat, scifi, sendmail, shub-internet, shub-niggurath, spider robinson, squamous, stephanie swift, tara monroe, tempest, tentacles, terry prachett, the yellow sign, tsathoggua, ufies, uflist, userfriendly, uxia cambarro, vim, voyeur, weirdness, weirdos, wicca, xinerama, yog-sothoth, zhothaqquah, zvilpogghua
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